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Paul McCabe
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    Hi James,

    Thanks for posting.

    I will respond separately to your other posts.

    You're absolutely correct that the standard protocol is to CT first, then clear the beliefs and install positive suggestions.

    However, such is the power of the newer PSTEC tracks (BB and PQT) and suggestion itself, there are times when just using these can change the pattern.

    Well-crafted and powerful suggestions can bypass the critical factor, and can dramatically alter behaviour and feelings.

    For instance, one of the suggestions you may have given yourself is that “change takes a long time” or “there is a mountain to climb.” You could clear the emotions linked to that, or simply “unsuggest” this via BB and PQT.

    A belief you may wish to clear is “I couldn't trust myself to do what was needed” and then you could layer in “I can absolutely trust myself to resolve all my issues”

    Then…just systematically go through the suggestions in the thread (as pertains to vaping).

    Paul  :)

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