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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Kiltro,

    Thanks for your question.

    I see what you mean. For self-help and just to ensure everyone has a grounding in the fundamentals, it is advisable to listen to the available tutorials (those included on Level 1 are excellent, by the way) and become acquainted with the tracks.

    I know that many newcomers to PSTEC have gotten brilliant results from PQT, without having used the other Positive tracks first. As long as you are clear on the suggestions you wish to layer in, it is all good. You have already used the first Positive tracks, which I see as advantageous. It just gives you greater variety.

    So, I would say that “advanced user” is more of a suggestion than a prerequisite.

    This is another excellent PSTEC tutorial, and it is absolutely free:

    The advanced aspect of Quantum Turbo really resides in its level of sophistication.

    Take care,

    Paul  :)

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