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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for posting.

    I just have a few distinctions to add to what you have written.

    Some of the beliefs you cited are what I would call “offshoot” or consequence beliefs.

    They may describe the behavioural or emotional pattern, but not really cause it.

    For example, “I was afraid of people” is a consequence of holding certain beliefs about people, the world and yourself. It is a consequence of social anxiety and unlikely to be a cause.

    The cause of being afraid of people might include beliefs like “People were out to get me”, “I was not safe in this world”, “The world was a dangerous place”, “I was not OK.”

    You may wish to assess whether you hold those beliefs by saying them out loud. If they feel true, uncomfortable or have any sort of negative resonance, blast them.

    What I wrote above also applies to “I didn't like attention” and “I was shy” – those are consequences.

    See if you can find the “why” that props up the embarrassment and shyness.

    It might be a mixture of beliefs and conditioned responses.

    Some other beliefs you may wish to consider blasting are:

    “If I had made a mistake, people mocked me”
    “Mistakes were bad”
    “I was inadequate”
    “Being the centre of attention was dangerous”
    “I was not important”
    “I was not capable”

    For PTSD, I definitely recommend starting with the Click Tracks and go through the causal memories. Extract all the unwanted emotions from the memories.

    This might remove the need to some of the belief work.

    With the BB statements you cited, however, I would advise that you don't argue against your emotional experience. “I was scared” presumably describes your emotional experience, so you aren't trying to tell yourself you weren't scared.

    You would be best looking at what beliefs contribute(d) to the fear.

    The beliefs would largely depend upon the nature and causes of the PTSD you are addressing, of course.

    The PQT suggestions you compiled look good to me; I would recommend checking that they are compelling for you, however. Feel free to personalise them.

    I hope that helps, Jay.

    All the best,

    Paul  :)

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