Reply To: Social anxiety and PTSD suggestions


    Awesome thank you Paul.

    I remember you had discussed not using consequences before but forgot to consider that. This is why it helps to ask here first before getting started :).

    1. Don't include consequences
    2. Determine the why

    This will really help to refine my current suggestions and come up with new ones, much appreciated.

    Just two quick questions.

    1. Is it better to use “was not” instead of “wasn't”. Does it matter?

    2. Is there any issue with using negatives in BB (I was not safe). I'm nervous about blasting “I was safe”.

    3. When it is a behavior perhaps caused by repetition or habit, is it ok to use that behavior? For example “I was an addict” which is not really a cause but still a limiting belief? Or is it better to go with things like “I needed alcohol” or “alcohol made me happy”.

    The PTSD is weird. The experience was a very mild one and thinking of the experience now generates absolutely no negative feelings, instead its unrelated situations that now cause a response instead.

    I know this event is whats causing the problem, yet its somehow evolved to be trigger by events unrelated to the original one.

    I have click tracked the original event before and a few of the major triggers but there are so many of them i get confused when click tracking and I can never seem to tap into feelings when click tracking as they only trigger spontaneously.

    So clicking track so far has been an uncertain confusing experience for me that has not seemed to work yet. I know I need to try it again properly but want to give the BB and QT process a bash first, maybe it will work better for me.