Reply To: Phobia being around loud and verbally aggressive people


    Thanks Brian and Paul for your suggestions!  Right after I posted my question here yesterday I did read the PTSD and Social Anxiety thread and decided to try click tracking on any anger or frustration that I could muster up regarding my experience with PSTEC and anyone from my past who bullied or frustrated me.  To be honest I was a little surprised with how much anger and pent up energy came out and I even found myself silently shouting all kinds of vile and angry things while furiously tapping left and right!  That must have been a funny sight to see :D  Should I continue to click track on my anger and frustration until it finally fizzles out, so to speak and then focus on the fear?  I’m strongly suspecting that both my anger and fear are two sides of the same coin.

    As for the beliefs part, I do own the belief blasters package but so far my success with it has been limited at best.  Like I mentioned before, I’ve tried running it on beliefs such as “people were out to get me”, “I always got picked on” etc. but intuitively I keep getting the feeling of “why in the heck would I want to eliminate these beliefs that have kept me safe thus far?”  If I eliminated them that would mean that I would be comfortable or ok with being in these terrifying situations which is the last thing I want to do.  It feels like the ultimate catch 22…I want to eliminate the fear but I’m terrified of not being afraid of a situation that I’m currently afraid of! ::)

    Nonetheless I’ll give the the beliefs that you suggest a try Paul as they do resonate with my personal experience.

    Thanks again!