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Brian Tucker

I've realized thru trial and error and also support from people on this forum such as Brian and Paul that belief structures have a dogmatic element that assumes completition.

So it is useful to do BBs adding dogma to it.

Words such as:

– Everything
– Nothing
– Everyone
– Always
– Never
– Everybody
– Nobody

this helps to clean beliefs faster.

Great post! The same can be said for PQT e.g.

I absolutely love everyone now I'm really easy going now
I can stop worrying about money now everything's totally ok now
I can completely relax now about everything in my life now
I feel really good now about everything in my life now
Nothing really bothers me anymore now I always feel great now
I used to worry about everything now it's all good now
I always feel wonderful now I never worry anymore now
I'm certain everything in the future will be absolutely fine now