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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for your message.

    I appreciate the way you have considered this.

    Hunting out and eliminating the core and causal beliefs will generally knock out the emotionally descriptive beliefs.

    So, by getting rid of “spiders are dangerous”, “spiders will harm me” etc, it will generally eliminate the experience of being afraid of spiders. Also, the CTs will neutralise the conditioned responses.

    “I was scared of spiders” is objectively true for you, as you felt fear and behaved in accordance with that fear. I am sure that people you know and trust would have recognised your fear. However, that is just my belief that it was objectively true.  :D

    It can get a little philosophical, so I will try to keep it on-point.

    Some modalities maintain there is NO objective truth at all.  This is a fair point. Other modalities claim “it might be that you weren't scared. Maybe you were excited.” There are physiological similarities, of course. What I mean is that, as much as it could be claimed that “scared” exists, that was your experience (based on beliefs).

    The label itself is not too important here, in my experience. Whenever you find the beliefs that trigger the behaviours and thoughts, you can easily blast them away.

    Before doing that, you can consider what benefits holding the beliefs can provide and, indeed, whether the pros outweigh the cons.

    I have identified beliefs in myself that I see as beneficial, but may decide to remove at some point in the future.

    I do think that eliminating the causal beliefs produces the quickest and most profound shifts. That has been my experience.

    Finding what you would need to believe to act in a certain way gets to the core of the issue. It is rarely just one belief and the beliefs are formed based on what we heard, read, were told and experienced, of course.

    To hunt out the causal beliefs, you can ask:

    “What would I have to believe about X to do Y and feel Z when it/they are around/happening?”

    That is one way to do it. You can also disconnect from it and describe your behaviour and thoughts, as though it were a third person (e.g. “what would that person likely believe to…?”)

    I hope that clarifies this for you, Jesse. Please feel free to keep the thread updated.

    Best Regards,


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