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Jesse Jacobs

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your post, I am replying late as I just realized you had posted. 😮

    Thanks for your advice. Understanding the relationship between causal and descriptive beliefs seems very valuable. Thank you again for making the distinction and clarification.

    Other examples are useful in seeing the pattern. Paul gives the example of public speaking– Public speaking is scary (descriptive) Public speaking is not safe (causal).

    In my experience, the way BB is structured finding the causal belief was essential, as it is a root belief from which the descriptive beliefs stem.  If you do BB and tell yourself that you were not scared when you had been, you may be arguing with your own experience.

    In my experience, this distinction was not necessarily doing PSTEC negative CT's. This may be because the CT's are dealing with the feelings. Since BB's seem to be working with the negative thoughts and cognitive distortions, getting to the root of the causal belief was very helpful.

    Thanks again.  :)