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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Clearingman,

    Thanks for posting.

    Further to what Brian wrote, if someone approaches me with this common issue (or I find it within myself), I suggest CTing the “can't be bothered” or “resistant” feelings directly. Sometimes these pass on their own anyway, yet I find it is a useful step and will do either some or a lot of good.

    It does not have to be a strong resistance or a strong sense of dread, but there is likely some feeling(s) there that discourage(s) you from doing certain things. I doubt there's a person reading this who can't relate to that sense of “knowing what I need to do, but putting it off.”

    If you'd prefer not to use the Click Tracks, however, you can dig down and see if any beliefs are impacting your choices.

    From working with people, the following types of beliefs tend to undercut a feeling of demotivation:

    – “Life is a struggle”
    – “Nothing ever works out for me”
    – “Doing things I don't enjoy is a waste of time”
    – “If I don't do it perfectly, there's no point in trying”
    – “People would judge me harshly, if I screwed up”
    – “I'm not capable”
    – “I'm not an action-taker”
    – “Doing things which bore me is pointless”

    Some of these will have different levels – a “why” underneath them, if you will.

    There may be other beliefs that support your feelings and behaviour, but I would recommend checking in with these particular ones. If any of those beliefs resonate with you, you can rephrase them into the past tense and blast them.

    Another consideration: you don't have to love what you need to do. If if was related to health and fitness, for instance, you can just layer in suggestions about it being good for you. If it was job or education-related (e.g. applying for jobs, colleges, studying or getting references etc.), you can layer in suggestions about taking the step “because it makes sense.”

    So, if you had to fill in paperwork, you can layer in something like “I'll get this done, because it makes sense” – be specific too. For example, “I'll call five companies this morning, because it makes sense”, or “I'll do (behaviour), because it's for my greater good”

    Another suggestion that can be helpful is “No matter how I feel about doing (behaviour), I'll get it done promptly now”

    Hopefully you can extrapolate this and apply it to your own circumstances.

    You don't have to feel good about it beforehand. Just prompt yourself to do it via PQT…and then you will likely feel better after you have done what you had been putting off.

    So many of our thoughts and behaviours context-related too. So, you can also leverage the motivation you have had in other contexts and apply them to contexts where you need to get the  metaphorical wheels turning.

    The PSTEC Peak Performance package is perfectly suited for this:

    There are so many different pathways with PSTEC, as you know.

    You may find a combination of what we have suggested to be just what you need. Alternatively, you may devise another strategy. If you do, please let us know  :D

    All the best,


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