Reply To: Anxiety without reason

Brian Tucker


    I am struggling with how I can use PSTEC for anxiety that is without reason. Meaning it starts with anxious feeling and then naturally my mind tends to then rationalize that feeling by trying to fabricate possibilities that I could be anxious about and sure enough it starts finding anxious thoughts that are fabricated around events that happen during that time.

    First you may want to ct the thoughts and feelings around that you are afraid or anxious that you will get anxious. This is a sneaky issue that we see often. It also appears in other forms such as “I'm still angry about being angry, I'm afraid I will get angry, I have a fear that I will get afraid, I'm afraid that what happened before will happen again, I worry it will happen again”

    Also CT the feelings that you are struggling as you had mentioned.

    i.e. oh xyz event is happening, what if something tragic happens related to it? etc. If no special events are occuring, my mind will then pull up something random and start fabricating anxiousness on that by projecting worst outcomes of that situation, etc.

    CT the feelings that something extremely bad will happen. Also “if I do, something bad will happen” and “I can't do because something bad will happen”

    The instructions suggest to keep the thought and feeling in mind while click tracking, but here, there are 1000s of various thoughts tied to that anxious feeling, and the thoughts aren't even rational. I can click track keeping few thoughts in mind, and it goes from 10 to probably 3, but then in a few days, its back to 10.

    Get extremely angry at the thoughts, you either have grief, anger or both associated with these thoughts. You can get extremely angry that the thoughts keep coming back and CT that, also that you are frustrated with them not clearing and frustrated PSTEC is not clearing them and CT those.

    I feel overwhelmed thinking how many times I will need to do this…help!

    Clicktrack the feeling of this overwhelm to a 1 or 0

    If any faces or past events come up while clicktracking any of these write them down and CT them to a 1 or 0 next.

    Also think back to when the anxiety started for you and the event(s) that happened right before/around that time.

    CT them to a 1 or 0