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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Shoutman,

    Thanks for posting and for your questions.

    I am glad that what you have been doing with the Click Tracks has been working well for you.

    The aim is not to suppress your memories, but to eventually look at your relationship anew – without the grief, sadness and regret attached. In other words, you look at the same events and feel completely differently. That is very achievable with these tools and your subconscious will do this for you.

    The beliefs you cited initially are more in the “emotionally descriptive” category, as opposed to being “emotionally causal.”

    In other words, “I can't/couldn't move on” reflects and is descriptive of your experience, but perhaps “It is dangerous to move on” would be more causal.

    “I had missed her” also describes your emotional experience, whereas another belief (or set of beliefs) would likely be causing you to miss her.  The beliefs effectively describe the same experience. Perhaps beliefs like “I will never be in a good relationship again” or  “I lost my shot at love” will be feeding into missing your ex-girlfriend.

    The other thing I would suggest is that you look for the beliefs beneath the beliefs you have cited.

    So, “I couldn't get over her”, for example: why? What would someone have to believe to come to that conclusion?

    What would they believe about themselves, their relationship, life, people and love?

    Extrapolate this for the other beliefs.

    Essentially, you would be best-served, I sense, by hunting out the self-esteem, life and relationship beliefs.

    Beliefs like the following MAY fit the pattern:

    – “Relationships don't work”
    – “People can't be trusted”
    – “I'm not good enough”
    – “I'm not wanted”
    – “I don't measure up”
    – “I'm not acceptable”
    – “If I don't do what's needed, I'll be rejected”
    – “Nothing ever works out for me”
    – “Life is unfair”
    – “There's something wrong with me”

    There will be others.

    All beliefs shape our reality, so hunt out the ones causing the unwanted emotional experience, put them into the past tense, blast them and continue to use the Click Tracks.

    For every belief you blast, I also recommend layering in at least one positive suggestion with Quantum Turbo.

    Hope that helps.

    Best Regards,

    Paul  :)

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