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Paul McCabe
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    Hi TheHealing,

    Thanks for your updates.

    You're doing really well, so you can just layer in some additional concepts.

    You can change course a bit here and get really “core” on this.

    Sex is the context where you experience the problem, but probably not the actual problem. It seems to me that the issue is really about self-worth and that sex was how you felt worthwhile, worthy and enough.

    You possibly felt enough when you had sex and, without that strategy, you possibly felt bereft.

    Thus, it might be a survival strategy.

    This can be extrapolated to anything – making money, attention, approval, work. If we ever have to do something to be OK, good enough, worthy etc. it is a survival strategy. Everyone will create these, so it is absolutely normal and reasonable.

    So, you may wish to see if any of these ring true (already in the past tense, but test them in the present tense):

    – “I was not good enough”
    – “I was inadequate”
    – “What made me good enough/worthwhile was getting attention from women”
    – “What made me good enough/worthwhile was having sex”
    – “What made me good enough/worthwhile was being a great lover”
    – “What made me good enough/worthwhile was having people thinking well of me”
    – “I was not manly enough” (without sex)
    – “I was deeply flawed”
    – “I was powerless”
    – “I was defective”
    – “I was bad”
    – “I was not right”
    – “I was dirty”
    – “I was not acceptable”
    – “I was worthless”
    – “I was not worthwhile”
    – “I was not worthy”
    – “I could not get my needs met”
    – “I was hopeless”
    – “Life was hopeless”

    If any of those resonate with you, I recommend you blast them. See if any others come from this. “Feel what it feels like” to hold the belief, imagine it it absolutely the truth (use any “evidence” you can find and look throughout your whole life) and blast it. Check how it feels at the end of the track. Say the words of the belief again. It will likely feel neutral. If it feels even slightly true, run the track again.

    You can do this for every belief you no longer want.

    You can also take your time to go through this.

    Hopefully this helps.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Best Regards,

    Paul  :)

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