Reply To: Blood Pressure

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Robb … Maika'i (Excellent) on taking action and transcending the flying issues!

    In your post, you mention that, “… I know blood pressure can often be high due to constant stress on the system…”

    … and then…

    “… can you aim it directly at something that is basically symptomless?”

    Your first assessment will take you further and you will find more peace moving in that direction than trying to just “get rid” of the BP issues because, as you said, the BP is most likely the symptom of something deeper and more at the core of who and what you think you are.

    Keep in mind, that there is a reason for everything… it's always there.
    When it comes to our problems that upset our peace, not only is the core of the problem present in our minds, but the solution is there as well!

    The solution always comes with the problem

    Because you believe you are vulnerable or at risk, then fear of attack (in some form, either physical, mental or emotional) is present and creates stress.

    The body will then follow the lead from your mind model… that you really SHOULD be nervous, anxious  … and so the body exhibits this with elevated BP and other related symptoms.

    So, on to the practical…

    Yes, you can address the BP directly in various ways and you ought to do that but only as an added aspect to discovering the core reasons for being stressed and addressing those.

    Believe me, if you banished all reasons for being stressed… not to be confused with “getting rid of stress” because stress is not something you have, but something you create for reasons personal to you … your body will conform and become “none stressed” and move in the direction of greater health!

    When we only address our symptoms, we are creating, at best, a temporary solution.