Reply To: PSTEC for suicidality & bipolar


    Click tracked a 30 minutes on needing braces, failure, being expensive….

    Clicked a minute then switched to BB- “It has been difficult.”
    BB- ” Life was too hard”
    Quantum check-in ” Things are better now. “

    Like another poster, before I went on vacation I was OCDing about using PSTEC.  I did It during any free time I had and made great progress.  Then a week long warm vacation was amazing.  Afterwards life and not going to therapy started remounting, so I'm restarting but not as constantly.  My goal is at least an hour a week, like I would do therapy.

    When yuck came up in life yesterday.  I thought “Grace, Grace so much Grace (my mantra reminder) on repeat.  I didn't want to die though- just wanted more time and money.

    Today a disagreement, flashback behavior and lack of knowing how to make more money to cover health care costs did bring up some death wishes.  However It was short and more like it was coming up to leave be clicked out.

    BB- I couldn't teach (my degree)
    BB- I did not like reading (I'm a librarian)