Reply To: nothing works


    Hi Alakh,

    Thanks for your post.

    I am sorry you have not had any results yet.

    We have corresponded before, so I know you have tried many different modalities.

    Sometimes a desperate desire to change, while coming from a good place, CAN impede progress. It can get in the way because, when someone is desperate for something to work (whether it is a modality or a social interaction), it tends to take them out of the present moment.

    So, the first thing I would recommend is to CT the annoyance that “nothing works” and that you have had zero results from your efforts and expenses. Allow yourself the opportunity to get really annoyed at this. You may need to run the CT several times.

    Also, you could try saying “It is safe to be happy” and see if any thoughts that run counter to that show up.

    These can be run through the Belief Blasters.

    Also, you may wish to see if these beliefs resonate with you:

    – “Nothing could have ever worked for me”
    – “Change was impossible”
    – “My mind was against me”
    – “I was defeated”
    – “I could never have been who I wanted to be”
    – “Everything was a waste of time”
    – “Everything was a waste of money”
    – “It was all pointless”

    If they do resonate, try hard to believe them whilst running each statement through BB.

    I know you have tried various modalities, and this can occasionally lead to confusion, overwhelm etc. when you are using them simultaneously. They all have different methodologies.

    Tapping, for example, is just a very small part of PSTEC. It's not a tapping or energy modality. The tapping is just there as a pattern interrupt.

    PSTEC's core tracks are composed of many complex and proven psychological elements.

    Generally, if PSTEC hasn't worked at all for someone, they:

    a) misunderstood the instructions or assumed it WAS a tapping/energy modality….and so incorporated other elements of other modalities.
    b) gave up too soon. Sometimes more persistence is needed.
    c) didn't really try to feel the feelings (too painful or too difficult)
    d) wanted it to not work in some way, as a way to prove their problem was too complex/unsolvable and thus that nothing worked for them…or ever could.
    e) encountered a modality that just didn't resonate with them
    f) were not focused on the issue at hand


    g) they wanted to retain the problem for some reason (e.g. to make someone “pay for what they did”, as getting rid of the problem might let them off the hook)

    I recommend giving PSTEC another go, Alakh. Even 15 mins a day can have an impact, as you will be chipping away at everything that bothers you.

    Even if you decide not to do that, you absolutely can resolve all your fears and make the changes you desire to make.

    Please keep us updated.

    Best Regards,


    Hi I am following your advice but the click tracks dont seem to be affecting how i feel. the memory/thought is always the same intensity even after click tracking it 2,3 times in a row.