Reply To: Pleasantly Surprised Newbie Needs Advice, Please

Brian Tucker

    Hi Fran –

    A recommendation would be go back to this

    > “Multiple tragedies and disasters occurred, including the death of my only child.”

    And neutralize them. I suspect the loss of your child would be the item you would want to clear first. Memories and feelings of upset, anger (at the situation and yourself), grief, guilt, loss etc. Be sure to get this down to an absolute zero.

    We tend to carry around a tremendous amount of grief. Often times, a lifetime of it. It's no surprise that unresolved grief can make a person think and act “crazy”.

    If you choose to invest in any paid tracks, a suggestion would be to purchase belief blasters and positive quantum turbo. Belief blasters can be used to eliminate the beliefs Paul has mentioned. We can also provide some suggestions for PQT that can help make your work even more successful.

    Keep going. You are doing great and your success will be inevitable if you stick with it.