Reply To: Pleasantly Surprised Newbie Needs Advice, Please

Frances Ponick

    Hi, Paul and Brian,

    I've been using the free Click Tracks and Belief Blasters, and I'm happy to report that I feel calmer and more peaceful than before I started. I was even able to write a couple of news commentaries and post them online. They were received well (1000+ hits each!) … but I still felt like an imposter.

    That feeling and others tell me there's more damage underneath. Yet my bad feelings, while arising in fleeting moments throughout the day, are as elusive as shadows when it's time to do Click Tracks. I spent years in deep depression, so please understand that I am not complaining! I just know there's more work to do, and my hidden-inside self is not as eager to do it as my conscious self is.

    Here's what's happening:

    Even though I'm having truly life-giving results, it can take over an hour to settle in and get a session started. I see resistance manifesting as indecision. (Inner monologue example: “Which feeling is the worst? What core belief is that about? There are so many! I want to be efficient … Maybe I should look at the list again. Or check Tim’s directions again. Just to be sure.”)

    This pattern got worse after the first couple of successful sessions(!), and then I started giving myself excuses not to do more—(“Feeling fine now. Takes too much time!”)—so transparent they’re almost comical!  ::)

    My original plan was to follow your advice: use Click Tracks, then Belief Blasters, and then Positive Quantum Turbo, which I had planned to purchase in a couple of weeks.

    I noticed that the pain sometimes reveals itself when I'm using the Belief Blasters, even if I skip Click Tracks because nothing comes up to tap on. (Pain includes shame, guilt, grief, feelings of worthlessness.)

    I want do daily sessions. I think it would be easier to work my way through negative core beliefs and replace them rather than first searching for the bad feelings they bring.

    Here's my question:

    Is it reasonable to skip the Click Tracks and move straight to a Belief Blaster? Then if pain arises, could I go back to a Click Track to clear the pain? If yes, would you recommend that I resume the Belief Blaster where I was or start it over?

    Thanks for your advice!

    Warm regards,