Reply To: Pleasantly Surprised Newbie Needs Advice, Please

Frances Ponick

    Hi, Paul,
    Both of my parents are dead, my mother in 2008, and my dad in 2009. If they were alive (or is PSTEC was available at the time), I pretty sure I could have persuaded them to try it out.
    The more time goes by, the more I realize how harrowing their lives must have been and how that affected their four children's lives.
    My best revenge is gathering up their goodness as fuel for my own efforts—and dispelling the misery they inadvertently bequeathed because of the difficulties they themselves endured.

    I'm finally getting into the rhythm of daily PSTEC. Just to keep you up to date, here are my notes from the past two days:

    Getting tired around midday for years. Today tried resting, but even tireder. Possibly late morning and early afternoon tired could be protecting myself from bad feelings in subcon? “Unworthy” comes to mind.
    1. Click-tracks #1 & 2 on “unworthy”
    2. Did PQT short – “It is safe to move ahead” (which came to me during second CT)
    4. Then did short relaxation.Feeling much better.
    I may not have generated all the unworthy feelings. I have decided that doesn’t matter, as I sense that if there are more, they are very powerful and very deep. I will allow them to arise, even every day for a while if necessary, and dissolve them when I perceive them. Probably a good way to address other negative emotions also.

    “It’s safe to feel confident”
    PQT Short X2
    (Not quite ready for BE confident, but FEEL confident was a good fit  :D

    Not sure what I'll work on today. My motto is “No Forcing” — but find myself floating and avoiding. It's as if I have a habit of feeling ineffectual and am getting ready to try on bigger things. Wanting the tipping point, sidling up to success, not actually afraid (at least I don't think I am), but still very, very cautious.

    I know I can't hurt myself with PSTEC (GOOD!)

    May try some “what if” phrases with PQT. Your thoughts?

    Thanks, Paul!