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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    There wasn’t really a question in your post but I noticed no comments so I didn’t want to leave you hanging…

    Be careful of overthinking things.

    Here are aspects of your post that need no attention because they are logical summations or comments regarding the issue…

    The first role models we had about men and women were mom and dad.

    So, it is reasonable that we construe two different maps of the world based on who we are interacting with.

    i relate to women different to men.
    for example,
    i think it is very different to work on “beliefs about others” than working specifically on beliefs about men and women. because the last two don’t fit in the category of people as general but people as groups that construe our maps of the world and relationships.

    maybe i am not afraid of men and i am looking for the approval of them, which makes me to hunt women to get men’s approval.

    or i am not looking for the approval of women but i am afraid of them, which makes me harder to get the approval of men by getting women.

    both work on different structures and both are synergetic but are not the same.

    Remember, when working with the PSTEC Tools, it’s not an intellectual nor logical exercise.

    Use the people in your life as the examples served up by the subconscious that lead to or reveal directly, the source of the issue…

    my dad never gave me approval or supported me during childhood
    Click Track those instances… consider CT2015 and the Wrapper for bundling when there are many similar emotional instances.

    There are negative beliefs in there as well to address but not apparent from your writing, but as you CT those events above, be aware of statements, conclusions, etc. that state a belief.

    Address those with Beliefs Blasters and follow up with PSTEC Positive.

    because he was and still is emotionally numb. the same way his father was to him.
    There may be some in here, but some questions would be necessary to reveal your targets for BB and PP.

    my mom was over protective and very anxious,
    Click Track those instances… consider CT2015 and the Wrapper for bundling when there are many similar emotional instances.

     this led me to try to fix her
    Possibly more memories to Click Track

    and made me afraid to her anger and verbal abuse.
    Possible negative belief to address

    so, i grew up searching for the approval of men
    Possible negative belief to address, but I would delve a bit deeper perhaps, see if there is a reason more at the subconscious core of what you believe about yourself that searches for approval. What do you believe is lacking in you.

    being afraid to women.
    Same as above and one of the emotional aspects of this is also the memories of mom mentioned above.

    There you go… not sure if it’s what you desired from your post, but I thought it might also help others as well.