Reply To: Unusable audios

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Gabriel… more than likely, you will need someone to work with you because in your short post, I can already see some attempts to use PSTEC that are contrary to the instructions.

    “I focused on the theme that “it does not work for me”.”

    Now, there could be some issues in terms of translation, I realize that, but just focusing on the “theme” or the idea that it doesn't work, most likely will present problems because the manner in which you are expressing this issue points to beliefs at the cause of your issues and using the Click Tracks for shifting beliefs is not recommended.

    I also see very strong beliefs (from your April post) that …

    “The pstec does not work for me …”

    I am surmising that, again, those strong beliefs keep you from making shift or changes needed in order to let go of the emotional aspects.

    Again, those are suppositions based upon a very short email and, most likely, it will take some guidance from a practitioner to help you with this.

    Would work with a practitioner only be possible if done using Spanish?
    If so, if I found someone that could help you in Spanish, would you be willing and able to work with that person?