Reply To: Letting go and moving on

Brian Tucker

    This must be very painful for you and certainly puts you in what could be perceived as an “inescapable” situation.

    (Definitely want to CT this)

    Is it possible to remove all feelings and connections to a certain person?


    My situation:
    My boss and I fell for each other and started a emotional affair, and began planning our future together.

    CT what you believed (hoped/had expectation of) that future to be

    He has since “changed his mind “My heart was broken”” and decided he wants to stay in his current relationship.

    I am heart broken

    CT this or even belief blast “I am heartbroken” “My heart was broken” “People must not change their minds”

    and having a difficult time adjusting and working.

    CT the feeling of difficulty around this of this and also the feeling of having a hard/difficult time accepting

    I love my job and do not want to quit.


    He acts completely unaffected by letting go where I can barely function at work or at home.

    CT This and/or belief blast “I couldn't function anymore” “I am unable to function” “I can barely function”

    I need to be able to work with him without feeling sad or hurt all day.

    CT the negative feelings around that

    I am also having a very hard time accepting the fact that it is over. 

    You can CT this, even belief blast “I couldn't accept it was over” “I couldn't believe it was over”

    Other feelings to CT

    I can't/don't want to believe it's over
    I can't/don't want to accept it over
    I don't want it to be over
    I have to make this work somehow
    He still wants/loves/needs me

    Also CT the feelings that you need this person in some way and that they are useful to you, in any way you can conceivably think of

    Ct the feelings that you can't live, won't be able to survive without them, you might even die without them

    CT any feelings of rejection and grief

    A large part of me is holding on and hoping he changes his mind.  I need to let go and move on.

    CT ANY and ALL feelings of hope around this

    Is it possible to rid myself of this connection I feel for him, to let go and move on so I can continue to work with him?  i would like all feeling to be dissolved and only have professional thoughts of him as a boss only. 

    I have the free click tracks and I have purchased the belief busters.  I am very willing to do or purchase anything else that is needed in order for me to move forward.
    Thanks in advance for any help

    If you were to purchase PQT some positive suggestions would absolutely help. Happy to provide a few should you choose to do so.

    It can and will only get better provided you “do the work”!