Reply To: Letting go and moving on

Brian Tucker

    Thank you Paul and Brian for you responses.

    I have a few follow up questions:

    Paul had mentioned being able to click track to eliminate the attraction/longings for him,  do I think of the happy feelings I get when thinks those thoughts or do I need to try and switch those longings to a negative feeling.

    CT everything associated with the longing feeling to a 0

    Also while click tracking I often tone out Tim voice in order to focus on the emotion or on the clicking is that correct way to do so or should I be focusing on his voice?

    You want to focus on the memories, the feelings and the tapping. The words will do their own thing as a result of you focusing on the other three items.

    On the belief blaster do I think in regards to present thought. Such as ” I can let go and move forward” or should I do “I couldn't let go and move forward”?

    You will want to break that down into two simple beliefs

    I couldn't let go
    I couldn't move forward

    Can I do these belief blaster and CT multiple times a day to help speed up the process?

    Yes you can do several a day. It's suggested to do a few to get used to the emotional releasing that will occur as a result.

    Again thank you!