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    Hi Paul, I’m happy to share. I became very ill during my A levels – even though I was an anxious child due to family and environment – something broke at that time that affected my stomach, doctors thought it was glandular fever but tests proved inconclusive, I had suffered ever since. I started to believe about 5 years ago – related to other events – it was anxiety / blocked emotion related and my journey via EFT / Faster EFT and now PSTEC began. I have been under tremendous stress in work and it appeared to be “irrational” to my conscious mind why. The click tracks helped but it wasn’t really nailing the issue. It was persistent enough that I realised there must be a belief or beliefs underpinning it. Thus my initial query and you and Brian helped me pinpoint the right area. When I belief blasted the “I had to be in control” statement it worked but I felt I needed another round and this next attempt brought up an image and a feeling of blankness. The feeling was overwhelming so initially I stopped. By the night I knew I had to clicktrack or something as the feelings were almost overwhelming. When I click tracked and aimed and the image and blankness (and the feeling) I went through it and I had images of my time at A Level and the feeling of overwhelm and other related events, and it cleared. My stomach feels different now almost clear and the next day I felt back in control. Pretty amazing, literally blew my mind with the power of the click tracks!