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    The superstitions are things usually revolving around bad luck like giving someone a gift of something sharp they have to give you a penny back, new shoes on a table – bad luck, opening an umbrella indoors. Then there are some related to omens of death like a bird flies into the house or a plate falls off the wall, plus hauntings and ghosts. Then there are Mental Health ones as there is mental illness in my family (or so I was brought up to believe) but on examination it turns out that it was mostly Anxiety but was made out to be worse. As a result I developed OCD feelings that I would go mad unless I washed my hands x number of times or in a certain way.

    The biggest fear that has come from all this is a fear of hearing voices particularly but not exclusively  related to ghosts, spirits. I’ve click tracked this a lot but there seems to be something anchoring it in place, I’m thinking it’s a belief. I know it’s silly and I feel a lot of shame and possibly guilt about it too.