Reply To: Getting rid of attachment


    Thanks Paul!

    You mentioned that you are in a long term relationship. It strikes me that you have experienced some guilt and regret about this situation.

    yes, I do

    Before meeting the other girl, were you happy in the relationship?

    Quite happy yes, now it is all going to sh**. She kind of found out I have a crush, since she read one of my text messages to a friend about her.

    Are you generally happy in other areas of your life?

    Not really, I am not unhappy but do not feel fulfilled

    What is it about the girl you like?

    Honestly, her youth, cute face and newness

    Is there anything about your partner you don't like?

    As with any relationship, yes there is a lot. Most of it is minor, major would be her complaining.

    For instance, if someone didn't feel appreciated or felt they were taken for granted, another person showing them interest can spark the sort of thoughts you have been having.

    I know this one is just an example, but the new girl shows no interest, and my LTR shows a lot.

    Effectively, you could try to feel the desire and CT it down to 0 or 1. You could do this with any of the Click Tracks.

    I will get Click tracks 2015, how do I use them for this? Don't mean the instructions which I guess are pretty similar to click tracks, but I mean what should I picture to get rid of me wanting her, and just get her to “acquaintance” level of importance.

    It would also be very prudent to hunt out and eliminate the beliefs that are feeding this pattern.

    Such as?

    Thanks Paul, I really appreciate your help and contribution!!!!