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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for posting.

    I would recommend looking at when the “chore/can’t be bothered” (my words) feelings began. Did they begin during the coronavirus lockdown, or do they predate that?

    There may be other stresses, strains and moments of overwhelm interspersed there.  In any case, I highly recommend running a CT or two on the actual feelings you get when you think about doing certain tasks. This will take any emotional “sting” out of it and, when feeling more calm or neutral, you will be in a better position to make the most appropriate behavioural decision for you.

    If, for instance, you need to complete paperwork and know you “should” do it, it can be very helpful to run a CT whilst looking at the paperwork and trying hard to feel the sense of “obligation.” No matter what the task is, you can substitute “paperwork” for what it actually is and what it represents (e. g. workout equipment, a book).

    Doing the CTs will take the edge off and may even make the tasks feel like less of a chore and more of an inevitability… or simply “no big deal.”

    You could also check in with the following beliefs (say them out loud in the present tense) and if they seem or feel true, blast them with the Belief Blasters (

    “Everything was pointless” 

    – “Nothing good was ever going to happen” 

    – “I was lazy” 

    – “I was not natural” 

    – “Life was a struggle” 

    – “Everything was a struggle” 

    – “I couldn’t do things I didn’t enjoy” 

    – “I had to do everything perfectly” 

    You could blast each belief that resonates with you. Even one belief per day would make a huge difference.

    You can also layer in some PQT suggestions like:

    – “Everything is getting easier the more I relax now” 

    – “No matter how I feel, I take control of my actions” 

    – “Every day, I am becoming more natural” 

    – “I now feel greater control taking actions that benefit my life” 

    Before running the PQT, you may wish to imagine the positive impact these suggestions would have on your life.

    I hope this is helpful, Daniel. Please feel free to dialogue about this and please do keep us updated on your progress.

    Kind Regards,

    Paul ?

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