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Daniel Wynn

    Thanks Paul


    I just realised my auto correct kept changing CHORE to CHOIR haha.

    I’ll take all of that information on board Paul, and carry on working away at it. I think things are actually starting to shift. Obviously some things just take longer to change don’t they.


    “Also, based on your most recent post, sometimes the language we use gives a hint of beliefs we possibly hold on a subconscious level. So, you may wish to BB these:

    – “Nothing ever went smoothly for me”

    – “I was helpless” 

    – “I had no control”

    When you consider these in isolation, an expectation that things will not go smoothly would likely create a resistance to taking certain actions and bring up thoughts like “what’s the point?”


    That 100% makes complete sense to me. I feel like that is literally it. In theory it resonates with me, again I don’t feel overly emotional about any of this but it definitely hits a nerve with me intellectually. I think having a better expectation would lead to a more willingness, I know there are things that do go smoothly for me. I just need to re-focus my thoughts towards that because after all nobody can ever know or predict the outcome of a situation but I’m pretty sure having a good intent will carry you further than a negative one. When I look at the belief “Nothing ever went smoothly for me” it feels like its hiding in plain sight. It’s like I have no real feeling about it, it’s almost just a matter of fact. It feels like there is no other alternative. It isn’t as strong admittedly with that one but something like “everything was a massive effort” that feels like 100%, I feel like I don’t know any different and it confuses me lol. How do you deal with that?


    Thanks for your help, Paul