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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I thought “choir” was an autocorrect play. In any case, I would never make a “song and dance” about it. ?

    Apologies for the bad pun.

    As for the beliefs, they do not necessarily feel heavy or painful. Some do. Some do not. What affects one person will feel vaguely uncomfortable for another – especially as we have strategies for dealing with beliefs. Beliefs tend to be self-evident and just feel true when we consider or say them.

    That “truth” can feel really painful, or kind of flat, or even just elicit a sense of “of course!”

    Clusters of beliefs feed behavioural and emotional patterns. So, the beliefs you cited (and any core ones underneath them) will sustain one another. “Nothing ever goes smoothly for me” would sustain “everything is a massive effort.” If you are expecting things to be tough, you would also expect that a massive effort would be needed. Then, you make a massive effort and it sustains the experience of it not being smooth.

    An effective strategy, therefore, is to blast each belief that feeds the pattern. As well as those you discovered, you can ask “what would someone have to believe to have that experience?”… and see what else comes up.

    I suspect there will be more core beliefs under the surface – beliefs about yourself, life and struggle.

    A common belief many people hold is:

    “You have to work hard to make money” 

    Some people do. So people do not. Therefore, it is certainty not a universal truth.

    When running the Belief Blasters, try hard to believe the belief. Doing so usually incorporates trying to feel the feelings. However, if you do not feel particularly upset about the belief (even when saying the statement out loud), you can just try hard to believe it on a more logical level.

    Getting rid of these beliefs creates more possibilities.

    You can also layer in PQT suggestions that make sense to you. There are suggestions that just make sense:

    – “The more I relax, the better I feel” 

    – “When I approach my tasks with greater ease, the struggle goes away” 

    – “When I enjoy what I do, everything flows smoothly” 

    “If things seem difficult, I get further by remaining calm” 

    I hope this helps, Daniel.

    Please keep us updated and, of course, continue to dialogue.

    Paul ?

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