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Daniel Wynn

    Hi Paul


    Thanks for your response.

    I thought “choir” was an autocorrect play. In any case, I would never make a “song and dance” about it. ?

    Apologies for the bad pun.

    That was funny, and it really left me on a high note when I read it so thank you lol. (excuse my bad pun too)

    I have been digging into things a bit further, and chipping away at it. I completely agree if I keep thinking everything is a massive effort it just keeps going round in circles, because when I go to do something it “feels” like a massive effort at the time and with that it keeps me locked in. In a way it sort of makes it a self fulfilling prophecy. I’m still not 100% sure what is keeping things going in this way to be honest. I think things are easing up a little though.

    Now when I think “nothing ever went smoothly for me” I feel a little cheated, like “life is unfair”. Now that’s another belief that is underneath it? So what do I do here, because in reality I could spend days and days if not perhaps weeks or more going round all the negative beliefs that could surface from “nothing ever went smoothly for me” before I ever had any solid sense of change. For instance other ones that pop up could be.

    “Thats just how life went”

    “Nothing goes smoothly for everyone” (how are you any different)

    “You just had to get on with things”

    I could be here for a while listing things but you get the point. Then the ones I feel are attached to “nothing went smoothly for me” for instance “Life is unfair”

    “I couldn’t get ahead”

    “Good things just don’t happen to me”

    “Theres nothing special about me”

    “I don’t deserve to have a good life”

    Again, I could be here for a while listing loads more.

    Would the idea be to spend such an extensive amount of time removing ALL of these connected beliefs before getting any real change in my life?

    I feel like and not just with this belief in particular I just go around in circles, and never seem to get a fully sustainable flip on a habit or way of thinking.

    In reality with regard to “nothing ever went smoothly” I would really just love to get on with things. Some things aren’t too enjoyable like dealing with emails, or responding to people, or sorting out boring things like paperwork (that need to be done). But, in all honesty I do feel as if things are becoming more of a drag these days.

    Again, I see the great benefit in meditation, and I know consciously that doing ONLY 10 minutes of meditation every morning can make a massive difference. But, Im just not bothered about it. If I could just change the way I think or feel about it and do it anyway I know I would feel better about life. It is really ONLY 10 minutes, I know that logically, I know its not a big chunk out my day, still I cant get the subconscious to respect that.

    It’s the same about reading my goals. I know that it ONLY takes perhaps 5-10 minutes to scan through my goals. I actually am doing it more often recently but it would be amazing if I just didn’t overthink it too much and just went ahead and did it, because I know from a logical perspective in the long run it can benefit me greatly if it became a continuous habit.

    I get it though I’m not wanted to be fully enthused about everything I do in life lol. Some things are just what they are and need to be done. I just want to have a more willingness to do things in life because I know logically how much they would make an impact to my mental health and wellbeing.

    Any input would be great.