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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your post and my apologies for the late reply.

    Further to what Brian wrote, I just wanted to address some of your questions:

    Now when I think “nothing ever went smoothly for me” I feel a little cheated, like “life is unfair”. Now that’s another belief that is underneath it? So what do I do here, because in reality I could spend days and days if not perhaps weeks or more going round all the negative beliefs that could surface from “nothing ever went smoothly for me” before I ever had any solid sense of change. 

    You are correct. You could spend days or weeks blasting beliefs. Oftentimes, however, addressing one or two core beliefs takes out a whole cluster of “offshoot” beliefs, thoughts and behaviours. It is all linked really.

    I do recommend taking out the beliefs that are getting in your way, as these will impact other areas of your life.

    I do not wish to be prescriptive. However,  chipping off a bit each time will change the pattern. There does not have to be anything dramatic or ceremonial when a tipping-point is reached. You would just find that you feel absolutely fine about the thing(s) about which you used to feel a bit “meh.”

    So, you could perhaps take out one big belief per day, or simply layer in some positive suggestions to tip the balance. Either way is fine, and you can combine them.

    You mention the feeling of being “cheated.” This is also something you could hunt out, and aim the Click Tracks at early experiences where you felt cheated or where you intuited your efforts were or might be in vain.

    Furthermore, what is the worst thing that might happen if you achieved your goals? What or who might change? What would you have to do or be that you do not want to do or be?  What might you lose (e. g. freedom, connection)?

    There might be something here, Daniel. There often is. You do not have to figure it all out. Just notice what you are noticing and apply the PSTEC tool that feels most appropriate for you.

    I also wanted to acknowledge that you may already recognise you have internal resources and memories where you know you can do these tasks – meditation, exercise, answering emails etc.

    You also know that you did many of those things on autopilot and without feeling outstanding all the time.  Part of the human experience is that we often know what we “should” do, yet not always do it. There is usually something underneath this and it can also be very transitory.

    This is why the PQTs can be the perfect tool for bypassing resistance. You can simply layer in suggestions where you acknowledge you will do the tasks, because they are beneficial. You can also embed suggestions where you turn down the heat on yourself.

    Another suggestion which might help is:

    “I now absolutely forgive myself for letting my standards slip” 

    You could also layer in:

    “Even if I didn’t do things perfectly, I relax and keep going” 

    You do not have to be too disheartened when you do not do things perfectly, and I trust these suggestions will prove beneficial for you.

    Feel free to re-word these suggestions as you see fit.

    I hope this helps, Daniel. Please keep us updated.

    Paul 😊

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