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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your post and for being so candid. I appreciate your honesty and your facility to be vulnerable.

    I know that many people (who do not necessarily post) read these posts, so your honesty will surely inspire others.

    Now, onto your post…

    The first thing I would definitely recommend is targeting the anger. Make a list of everything you can think of that brings up anger. From what you mentioned (and no doubt there will be other memories and concepts too), you may wish to target:

    – the way your Mom was treated

    – the way your Mom treated you

    – divorce

    – feeling you had no control

    – feeling you were out of control

    – feeling you had to hold everything in

    – the way you have been treated by people in positions of trust and authority (teachers, therapists, coaches etc.)

    – annoyance about life being difficult

    Make these things real and, as you go through these painful times in your life, try hard to feel angry (almost like you are having a tantrum) and run a Click Track. I recommend running one of these per day until the anger has subsided: depending upon the Click Track you use, these range from 7 mins to 28 mins.

    I do recommend that you make frequent use of the Click Track 2015 Long Track, running a Wrapper track before you do so.

    So, as part of your 1 hr per day game play, that could contribute 7, 11, 14 or 28 mins.

    I would also recommend running a Belief Blaster  ( each day. Again, these range from 10, 12 or 18 mins in length.

    Based on what you wrote in your post, Michael, please check whether the following beliefs resonate.

    – “Nobody likes me”

    – “Life is a struggle”

    – “I’m not OK”

    – “I don’t matter” 

    – “I’m powerless”

    – “I’m not important”

    – “There’s something wrong with me”

    – “I’ll never get what I want”

    If they do resonate, please put the statements into the past tense and run a BB, whilst following the instructions – try hard to believe the belief statement by thinking about times where it seemed the belief was the truth, and mouth the words of the belief.

    Check how you feel after you run a Belief Blaster. You will have other beliefs, of course, so I was giving suggestions based on your post.

    No doubt we hold thousands of beliefs and many are absolutely fine and neutral. Others were formed in early childhood and have outlived their usefulness.

    Thus, I would contend that it makes absolute sense to eliminate the beliefs that are contributing to you having unwanted experiences.

    After doing the CT each day, and following up with a BB, you may then finish with a PQT (short at 9 or long at 15 mins). This will ensure you stick to the circa 1 hr per day schedule.

    Choose a PQT that really speaks to you. It can run counter to the belief you eliminated via the BB (for example, “Maybe I am actually much better than I realised” ) , or simply be a suggestion that really would benefit your life or enhance your experience in a certain context (for example, “I now feel much calmer than I did before”).

    There are lots of example PQT suggestions within the forum. I would just recommend that you choose something that really resonates with you, so word it in such a way that it becomes yours.

    You can use a different suggestion each day.

    To summarise:

    1) Start with a Click Track (Basic, EEF, CT 2015 or Tapping Accelerator) and I recommend targeting anger initially. I appreciate that other emotions will be present, yet many people tend to suppress anger and allowing it to “be there” can facilitate very effective change.

    2) Run one BB each day. Try to get as “core” as possible. Think about things that affect or bother you and stay with the feelings. Then ask “what would someone have to believe to have that experience?” Allow the answers to surface. For example, if someone noticed they felt fear every time they were walking alone at night, asking the question above might bring up answers like “I’m not safe”, “The world is dangerous”, “Something bad is going to happen” or “People are out to get me.” Just an example scenario. Those beliefs are likely linked to past experiences and those can be used in the Belief Blasters.

    3) Run a PQT. Finish your session with a PQT suggestion that really helps give you the emotional experience you want. 7 to 12 words is optimal. It doesn’t have to be “too good to be true.”  In fact, it is best to choose a suggestion that resonates with you and has enough specificity and believability to be accepted more readily. What would you need to tell your subconscious to help it give you the experience you want?

    I appreciate you purchased some of the tracks recently, so please ensure you have listened to the instructions a few times. They are straightforward.

    I hope this helps, Michael.

    Please feel free to dialogue and please keep the thread updated with reports on your progress.

    Kind Regards,

    Paul 😉👍👍

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