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I Quit!

This is a tough question but has some excellent insights… the scenario was someone with an issue where they think, “I have to get my way, or I quit.” They look into the future and think or feel that they either get their way or they quit and seems to get in the way because if it’s possible not to get their way, why bother?

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The Anger Loop Does Not Ring True for Me

I was working with someone and using the Basic PSTEC Click Tracks as well as the PSTEC Anger Loop, but the person said, ‘The Anger Loop just does not ring true for me.’; what does this mean?

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How is PSTEC Different?

I am a student and practitioner of various energy healing approaches, such as EFT, SimplyHealed, Spring Forest QiGong, Body Code and Emotion Code, etc. I’ve also been trained in NLP, hypnosis, and mindfulness meditation. How do you differentiate the PSTEC model from the myriad energy-based modalities that are springing up all over the world?

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Can PSTEC Be Used with Seizures?

Working with an elderly gentleman who has in the past, up until about age 40, taken fits (seizures) and had taken medication for this; I wanted to know if PSTEC would affect him. He also cannot use his arms and cannot speak… could PSTEC set off the fits again?

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I Need Closure

“I need closure” … how do I deal with a client that insists on “closure?”

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