Reply To: PSTEC positive and affirmations

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Dixie,

    Let's start with a couple axioms or guidelines…

    • When you begin using PSTEC Positive (PP), target one at a time, don't overload your system until it is acclimated to using PSTEC.

    • Depending upon your “state of mind” or the state of your Mind Model, if the “NON-JEEP” emotions are quite intense…

    (note: JEEP = joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace)

    … then clear those emotions or at least get them down significantly before moving to the use of the PP because the more clear you are on the issue from NON-JEEP, the easier the suggestion via PP will “land.”

    • Any deep seeded feeling is based upon your Mind Model (MM) and the MM is based upon two things; your life experiences (and your witness to other people's expereinces) and the language received or what you were told is real.

    So, there are always incidents that feed your feelings or states of being… they are there. Many are buried or even protected as sacred by the MM… by the subconscious. Ah, but, you can access them… you can change them and you can change them very quickly if you are approaching them effectively.

    • I also suggest that you invest in the PSTEC Accelerators Package to use with the PSTEC Positive as well as the Click Tracks and EEF's. It will… well… accelerate your PSTEC work!

    Alright…now, with the statements you made in your inquiry, they are quite general, so let's take one as an example, ok?

    “improved focus”

    To be more effective, let's get more specific. In what area of your life is this most prevalent… the LACK of focus?

    You see, it's best to find an area of your life to target so that you can be focused (pun intended… well, it's also very applicable to all targets) on that one area. When you think very generally, it's not only difficult to get results, but also difficult to gage to measure results to know your progress.

    So, find a particular area where lack of focus is an issue and target your Positive Statement more specifically to that area or situation.

    Take each one… but begin working on one at a time… and make them more specific in your current life experience or application.

    The “belief of unworthiness and lack of love of self” are very general as are your positive desires or targets. So, it appears on the surface that you are approaching things a bit generally and must get down to some specifics.

    There are ways with PSTEC to “group” or work with things that are similar in order to speed up your progress, but the bottom line is to get at some of the specifics and you will see results more quickly.

    Let me know if that makes sense!



    PS Oh, there is a package that, in essence, will help you discover How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way.