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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      May I have some help with wording of positive affirmations for the following?

      *improved focus
      *better listening skills
      *accepting my own gifts, talents and accomplishments
      *to eliminate prejudging
      *to eliminate projecting outcomes
      *to overcome fear

      This is a start! I have several areas I'd like to use PSTEC Positive for. I'm been a year-long EFT tapper with some success. But there is a deep seeded belief of unworthiness and lack of love of self that does not seem to stem from any significant incident.

      I appreciate the help!


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Dixie,

        Let's start with a couple axioms or guidelines…

        • When you begin using PSTEC Positive (PP), target one at a time, don't overload your system until it is acclimated to using PSTEC.

        • Depending upon your “state of mind” or the state of your Mind Model, if the “NON-JEEP” emotions are quite intense…

        (note: JEEP = joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace)

        … then clear those emotions or at least get them down significantly before moving to the use of the PP because the more clear you are on the issue from NON-JEEP, the easier the suggestion via PP will “land.”

        • Any deep seeded feeling is based upon your Mind Model (MM) and the MM is based upon two things; your life experiences (and your witness to other people's expereinces) and the language received or what you were told is real.

        So, there are always incidents that feed your feelings or states of being… they are there. Many are buried or even protected as sacred by the MM… by the subconscious. Ah, but, you can access them… you can change them and you can change them very quickly if you are approaching them effectively.

        • I also suggest that you invest in the PSTEC Accelerators Package to use with the PSTEC Positive as well as the Click Tracks and EEF's. It will… well… accelerate your PSTEC work!

        Alright…now, with the statements you made in your inquiry, they are quite general, so let's take one as an example, ok?

        “improved focus”

        To be more effective, let's get more specific. In what area of your life is this most prevalent… the LACK of focus?

        You see, it's best to find an area of your life to target so that you can be focused (pun intended… well, it's also very applicable to all targets) on that one area. When you think very generally, it's not only difficult to get results, but also difficult to gage to measure results to know your progress.

        So, find a particular area where lack of focus is an issue and target your Positive Statement more specifically to that area or situation.

        Take each one… but begin working on one at a time… and make them more specific in your current life experience or application.

        The “belief of unworthiness and lack of love of self” are very general as are your positive desires or targets. So, it appears on the surface that you are approaching things a bit generally and must get down to some specifics.

        There are ways with PSTEC to “group” or work with things that are similar in order to speed up your progress, but the bottom line is to get at some of the specifics and you will see results more quickly.

        Let me know if that makes sense!



        PS Oh, there is a package that, in essence, will help you discover How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way. 

        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC User


          Pardon my ignorance, but what are EEF's? And where can I get more information about Mind Models?

          Thanks in advance!

          God's peace, Dixie

          Thanks again for your input.

          As I mentioned, I have many areas of my life where PSTEC could be used. But according to the program, I'm asked to “drum up” significant emotion and to identify a specific event with which to focus on while I do the Click Tracks.

          I've got a few events I've worked on for years, and think of incidents, of course. But I don't have any emotion behind them — to my knowledge. When I think of them, they are completely neutralized — I get no “zing” or upset at all. So when the Click Track reminds me to focus as hard as I can on the event or emotion, there's just nothing there.

          How do you work with these types of issues — unworthiness, self-degradation, poor self-esteem, habitual thought patterns that run but that you can't hold on to for more than a second or two? Just long enough to know they are still there. Going backwards in life, and coming up with specific events, there is still no negative emotion.

          Thanks again for your help. I look forward to your reply!

          God's peace, Dixie

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Dixie!

            I'll cover both questions or issues in this one.

            The EEF Tracks are the Enhanced Effectiveness Tracks… they are similar to the Basic Click Tracks, but are used for issues that are a bit more sticky. If you plan on using PSTEC for the long haul and regularly, they will be excellent in your listening rotation.

            They are also a part of the Level 1 Package, so I always recommend you get the Level 1 Package that include the EEF's and the Positive… it's 'such a deal!!' for only $37…

            The outline and actually much detail on the Mind Model is included with the Advanced Package which is recommended for therapists, but if you want to spend the time with it, I believe it is worthwhile for self-help as well. When you order the Level 1 Package, there is a one-time-offer of the Advanced Package for $37 (regularly $57).

            All good stuff and all at incredible values!!

            Ok, on not feeling when it comes to memories. When I work with people privately and that particular claim comes about, with a few nicely places questions, the feelings do come about. It's not that the feelings or emotions are not present, it's just that the awareness is not there.

            So, it might behoove you to work with someone to allow your awareness to be hightened regarding the emotions and feelings.

            You see, if you are, well, feeling unworthy, then that is a feeling… I guarantee the feeling is there, otherwise, you would not be in the state of mind called: Being Unworthy.

            So, a couple things to do with PSTEC in terms of plug 'n play…

            • I also suggest that you invest in the PSTEC Accelerators Package to use with the PSTEC Positive as well as the Click Tracks and EEF's. It will… well… accelerate your PSTEC work!

            • One of the ways to begin is to look at those memories that you “think” would be upsetting or “connected” and go ahead and run them through with the Click Tracks with the “idea” of the emotion you would feel if you felt it. But, again, having someone guide you to discovering the feelings would be much more efficient.



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