Reply To: PSTEC positive and affirmations

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Dixie!

    I'll cover both questions or issues in this one.

    The EEF Tracks are the Enhanced Effectiveness Tracks… they are similar to the Basic Click Tracks, but are used for issues that are a bit more sticky. If you plan on using PSTEC for the long haul and regularly, they will be excellent in your listening rotation.

    They are also a part of the Level 1 Package, so I always recommend you get the Level 1 Package that include the EEF's and the Positive… it's 'such a deal!!' for only $37…

    The outline and actually much detail on the Mind Model is included with the Advanced Package which is recommended for therapists, but if you want to spend the time with it, I believe it is worthwhile for self-help as well. When you order the Level 1 Package, there is a one-time-offer of the Advanced Package for $37 (regularly $57).

    All good stuff and all at incredible values!!

    Ok, on not feeling when it comes to memories. When I work with people privately and that particular claim comes about, with a few nicely places questions, the feelings do come about. It's not that the feelings or emotions are not present, it's just that the awareness is not there.

    So, it might behoove you to work with someone to allow your awareness to be hightened regarding the emotions and feelings.

    You see, if you are, well, feeling unworthy, then that is a feeling… I guarantee the feeling is there, otherwise, you would not be in the state of mind called: Being Unworthy.

    So, a couple things to do with PSTEC in terms of plug 'n play…

    • I also suggest that you invest in the PSTEC Accelerators Package to use with the PSTEC Positive as well as the Click Tracks and EEF's. It will… well… accelerate your PSTEC work!

    • One of the ways to begin is to look at those memories that you “think” would be upsetting or “connected” and go ahead and run them through with the Click Tracks with the “idea” of the emotion you would feel if you felt it. But, again, having someone guide you to discovering the feelings would be much more efficient.