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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    HI Anders,

    Thanks for writing and joining us here!

    Ok, #1… Well, your language will not be a problem in and of itself. But, there may be some issues depending upon the nature of the source of the issue. Let me illustrate with a recent comment from someone…
    “… PSTEC seems to work even if one doesn't understand English. I tested it on several people. I explained to them exactly what and how and when to do… and they reported great resuls in cases if injuries, emotional trauma in low self-esteem.”

    You see, Anders, your Mind Model is basically produced through two methods: Experiences and Linguistics (or language; in other words, what we are told) or, of course, a combination of the two in varying degrees.

    So, if the issue is solely or primarily based in experience and little or no linguistics, then language has no or little affect on the issue and PSTEC can work for those people (as illustrated above) without the people even understanding English, but listening to the Click Track.

    Now, if the issue is solely or primarily based in language, then it will be addressed more quickly using language in some form. So, in your case, if English is easily translated by your mind, then there should not be any problem at all.

    #2… to answer your question, basically, “no” you do not need to know the cause or “figure it out.” Ah, but your subconscious knows what is at the root of the issue and will reveal that to you when necessary.

    Do you need to cover each and every event along the way? No, in fact, I like to find the events where the issue began or around that time and first start working on the earlier events with PSTEC because those first events are the ones that, in effect, support the later events.

    *** IMPORTANT ***
    One of the problems in dealing with the issues that many people encounter is dealing with the feelings “in the moment” but never going to the cause of the issue. So, they feel better in the moment, but it keeps coming back. As Tim says, “You left the loaded gun laying around and sooner or later it will go off again.” So, you have to go back to those “first cause” events and neutralize them and when you do that, you are unloading the gun so it won't go off anymore.

    Allow your feelings to lead you to those events… allow your subconscious to present them to you… pay attention to the clues and hints from the subconscious as to the events that are in the way of your healing.

    Now, you say feelings are an issue… that you do not feel them. On the other hand, the emotions and feelings are the communication from the subconscious so they are there, but most often we have conditioned ourselves and are in the habit of “shutting them down” or ignoring them.

    Consider listening to the PSTEC interview With Michael about “No Feelings or Memories“…

    ….also the PSTEC interview with Wil along those lines as well…

    If you are limited in your life, the emotions and feelings are there and that's where a practitioner can help you to expose those emotions and become aware of them.

    Try this…

    Think about a social situation that creates anxiety for you… either the thoughts of something in the future (an imagined event) or a recent one where you felt the same in the past… can you think of one?

    Ok, how do you feel when you imagine going into that situation… do you feel it rising up in you, almost warning you not to go there?

    Now, take it one step further, go into that social situation a little further and feel the emotions rise up in you.

    You see, if the emotions did not rise up in your, you would move forward. When you fear a social situation, that is the emotion. How do you know you are fearful? Where does it rise up within you?

    Now, this is much more effective in person or over the phone, but try that on your own.

    So, most imporantly, #3 (or making it happen)…

    Yes, it is possible to do it on your own and you are absolutely right, social anxiety can be tricky and quite complex, but all it means is that you must persist and stay very conscious with your PSTEC work.

    So, a couple suggestions…

    * We have a Panic Attack recording that was done with several people with Tim recommending how to target their PSTEC work on the issue, so when that is issued it might help you find some ways to target this. You see, I guarantee that PSTEC will clear this for you AS LONG AS IT IS TARGETED PROPERLY, CONSISTENTLY AND PERSISTANLY.

    * Also, you do not necessarily need to meet with a practitioner in person, but only over the phone. I have worked with people all over the world via phone or Skype and I do not go very far from Hawaii… for obvious reasons. :- )
    So, check the PSTEC Register and there is someone there that can help guide you with your PSTEC work.

    Let me know if that helpful… take care and keep clickin'… you'll get there… where? That place of JEEP, of course!