Reply To: PSTEC for social anxiety

Jeff Harding

    Thank you your reply, Jeff, it was very helpful:) How generous of you to lend your tıme and expertıse on a forum lıke thıs!

    I will definitely check out the practitıoner regıster and those lınks you suggested as soon as I get home from vacation:)
    Lookıng forward to tryıng PSTEC out!
    Just listened to those interviews you suggested Jeff and they were great, many of my questions got answered!
    Especially the part where Wil talks about problem memories coming to mind that he wasn't aware of. Even as far back to when he was in crib as a baby! Very cool.

    However a few more questions came to mind.

    Tim says that one focus on the feeling and the memory while doing the click track. I mentioned in my previous post that I have problems with “feeling my feelings”. What I meant by that was more that I have problems with experiencing the feelings I felt in à past intense memory or imagined event. When Im in a social situation I definetly have anxiety and am very aware of it but Its hard for me to create that same feeling when I go back to the event afterwards. I can connect to the anxiety a little bit but I cant make it nearly as strong as it was in reality.
    I interpeted what time said about focusing on the feeling as having it in your body as you do the click track. That is hard for me to do. Is there any way to work around that? Or maybe I should work somehow on letting my feelings through?

    Another thing on memorys, lets say that you were bullied throughout childhood by the same person in a similar fashion. Would you have to treat every single time you got bullied?