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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Anders,

    You're always welcome.

    No reason to “figure things out”; after all, to figure things out you have to analyze and use the conscious mind and that's the part that we are bypassing. If you study Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or talk therapy and other derivatives of them; you will find analysis is the basis of their practice. You will also find the success rate and speed of healing to be quite low. So, let's not go in the direction of analysis, ok?

    Here are three areas or practices in which you will find the answers being presented to you during your PSTEC work:

    1. When you use the PSTEC Click Tracks (CT) and the EEF's, the subconscious will begin to present the related issues, memories and feelings as you release them. It's a “built in” function of the audios.

    2. When you use the PSTEC Positive Tracks and are aiming toward a particular goal, target or desire; if there are memories and emotions that are in the way… in other words, if the Mind Model that operates your perception of the world in contrary, then the subconscious will serve them up and is basically saying, “Your desire will not work because it is contrary to our Mind Model, so do you want to comply with our current state of perception or clear it away and repattern to a new and updated Mind Model?” At this point, if the contrary memories and emotions that come up are unpleasant, then you pull out the CT or EEF and blast away the stuff that is contrary to your intention or desire.

    Note, the Positive Tracks and EEF's are available as a part of the Level 1 Package.

    3. The PSTEC Accelerators are available separately and they “turbo charge” your PSTEC work… highly recommended!

    Now, as I mentioned, the Basic PSTEC tools I referred to in #1 and #2 have aspects built in that will “bring up” the issues in your subconscious for you to work on…. very cool, yah?

    Ah, but the Accelerators…even more so!!

    These will help your mind to “let loose” of even more and more of the memories, images, movies, emotions and feelings that are in the way of your desire… that are contrary to your intentions… that are blocking your freedom.

    So, the final tip…

    4. Be as conscious and fearless as you can. Let the memories and feelings come through you… let them become known to you… have the knowledge, the confidence and the intention to let them through…and they will.

    You truly have nothing to fear because all of those “things” that are in your way are under your control…yes, that's right, 100% your control because the Mind Model… the source of your perception… it's ALL yours to do with as you please.

    Remember though… you are changing something that is quite habitual, quite ingrained and quite “successful” according to the subconscious… so be patient, attentive and kind to yourself…ALL of yourself… including your subconscious.
    It did the best it could and, with your new found knowledge, it can be an incredible ally and tool.

    So, find harmony with the subconscious… allow communication… and offer it your respect and even unconditional love… be aware and LISTEN to the hints that come… remember allow it ALL to come through!

    Nana I Ke Kumu
    (Look to the source)