Reply To: Using CT and EEF’s

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Armand,

    Very nice… thank you for sharing.

    Some other thoughts…

    Take those feelings and ask if what they are based upon… when did they begin… what is the cause of the feelings?  As you allow those memories to come up along with the feelings, CT those as well.  You see, there are experiences in your mind, in your subconscious, that are the foundational blocks that encourage or motivate those feelings to not only come up but to also “be a part of you.”  Look for the causal emotional events that support them and CT them.

    In other words, as time goes on, watch for the feelings start to creep in and when they do, look for the cause… dig a bit deeper to find those and neutralize them.  Your thoughts that the “in my chest seems to have left, though I'm still aware of it's attempt to plant it's self again,” are just the warning that there may still be something there… trust those feelings and be on the look out.  :- )

    You might also consider using the PSTEC Positive as a follow up to that in how you wish to feel about these issues… there may be some interesting aspects to look at as they relate to abundance and money issues.