Reply To: Getting started… Social anxiety… approaching women

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Branko!

    1. Yes, imagine the event, approaching someone as I talked about. How do you feel about it? Take the feelings and the imagination of the event; the pictures, the movies, thoughts, etc. Focus on the most intense part of the imagined event and the feelings that come with it and then plug yourself into the Click Track…. listen to it.

    There are two Click Tracks in the free Basic Audio Package… alternate use of them every other time to keep them “fresh.” Click on this link for the free Basic PSTEC Audio Package

    2. Ah, you are never alone, my friend. If you have questions, you can come to the forum here… see, the thread you opened and my replies prove that you are not alone. Check out the free PSTEC Interviews… Click on this link… in the upper left hand corner, there is a lin… ; these are all people that have contributed their time to giving you not only their stories, but their tips from their personal experiences in using PSTEC. They are having some of the same issues as you and are there for you! They are doing it to help.

    3. There is the PSTEC Registry where you can get a practitioner to help… they do not have to be in your area… many can work via the phone and it is very helpful!

    If you are unsure, start with the free package and be sure to listen to Tim's instructions a few times… practice with it … experiment… begin there and always ask for help.