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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Sam!

    Hey, Cynthia, right on… good job!

    I'll just add a couple things, but mostly just to support Cynthia's comments…

    PSTEC is actually designed to encourage the recall of events, images, memories and feelings that are related… YES! Very cool because one of the biggest challenges of other modalities is “figuring” out the core issue or cause of the problem.

    Well, guess what?

    PSETC has that built in… yep, just plug 'n play.

    So, what do you do when other events come to mind… you are right… just plug in the Click Track or EEF and click away to neutralize it.

    Will others come up? Well, you know what? Only if needed. So, if they come up, respect the subconscious communication and clear it up.

    Do you go back to the original event you were working on? I would just to test and see if that is clear too. If clear, check it “off your list.” Not clear? Plug in your Click Track and go to work on it… or, actually… let Tim work on it. :- )

    On the PSTEC Positive, just follow the instructions on how to set the goal, but keep this in mind….

    * You may find the original goal was not what is truly for your Highest Good… so be flexible and adjust.

    * As you run the Positive Click Track with your goal, watch for other feelings that are not pleasant with the associated memories. You see, as we attempt to move toward our goal and we encounter something in our subconscious that is contrary, the sub will present it to us in effect saying, “Yo, buddy, that goal is in contrast to what we believe is best, so what do you want to do?” So, take that contrary memory and feeling and switch programs, pull out the Click Track or EEF and neutralize it. Then, I would reassess and see if the goal is still your highest desire.

    * What to focus on for your goal, well, that's very individual, but use this very complex question to guide you… are you ready?


    Yep, that's it, “Why?”

    Keep asking why you desire something so you can get to the core of that desire, I believe and you will give yourself many reasons which will amplify the desire as well and focus on that.

    But, with goals most important… experiment… have fun with it and be aware of what works best for you in Living Life.

    Here's a good place for one of my favorite phrases that applies to both the “negative” and clearing as well as the positive and Living…

    Nana I Ke Kumu! … Look to the source!

    Aloha nui loa!