Reply To: While using PSTEC my blood pressure went up

Jeff Harding

    Hi Cynthia
    It definitely has to do with the pstec because i did not have it before. I have a lot of anxiety issues some very deep, so i think this is my body;s reaction to it; as long as i know that it is only a short term thing it will be worth the effort. I really have not been drinking much water while doing it, how much would you recommend. Please send some distant healing i would be very greatful. I believe a little rain must fall before thing s get better. Look forward to your reply.

    Hi Barry,
    I have only been using the pstec for over a week now, and my blood pressure too is up, as is my anxiety levels, interestingly enough. I too have very deep anxiety issues, but I have also felt much relief after doing some pstec work. I'm wondering now if when I start working on something and I don't get it all the way down to zero before I end the session, or all of the aspects, that maybe other aspects of the issue, then come forward and create more anxiety and cause the blood pressure to rise. or maybe it is the detox effect, as the body deals with the release of the emotions and chemicals.
    I have a few “Healing Touch Quick Steps” that I use when my body is really feeling the anxiety, and they work wonders for getting me back to feeling calm and peaceful. If you are interested, let me know, and I will email them to you.
    It has been my experience with EFT also that if I do a really powerful healing, that my body goes into a calm but energetic feel great, place, but within a few hours to a day, the anxiety is worse than when I began. I think its just the bodies way of letting us know it wants more work done, and eventually it will all settle down. PSTec feels like a very powerful tool, and hopefully with some experimenting, we will find the best way to use it, that works for each of us.