Reply To: While using PSTEC my blood pressure went up

Jeff Harding

    Hi Cynthia,
    You are very welcome. I'm glad you found these acuholds of some value to you. I like the exercise you do with the central connection. I have used it, and really like it.

    I am still having problems with the intensity of the body sensations after doing a particularly “on target” healing. It really seems to stir up my anxiety and leaves my body feeling like it is full of lactic acid, for a couple of days. I'm sure this is the toxins from the emotions that the body has been holding onto and are now trying to release.

    I don't know if you read the link that I put in under Anxiety, but I have decided to work with the EFT practitioner that wrote that. We will see if I can get this anxiety disorder that just wants to keep hanging on, to a more manageable level, and as she says, “make friends with it, instead of trying to get rid of it”.

    This PSTec really seems to have made me very determined to address this once and for all. I am continuing to use the click track for small issues, where I won't get myself into too much trouble and hopefully when I've worked out the anxiety issues with a practitioner that seems to understand it, I can then use the click track for most of my healing. It truly seems to be the most powerful and quick treatment that I have come across.

    Meanwhile, I will hang out here occasionally and keep up with how its all working for everyone.

    Many Blessings,