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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Tomas,

    You're always welcome, my friend!

    One of the best exercises in helping you to move forward is to use the PSTEC Positive Tracks in moving toward your desires/goals/targets because there are two basic results of that practice:

    1. Hey, you achieve and experience your heart's desires…very cool, yah?

    2. If the Mind Model of your subconscious is contrary to your conscious intention or desire, then the subconscious will let you know there is “disharmony” in the world of Tomas.

    So, if you decide to employ PSTEC Positive (it works very inexpensively) :- ) … then, keep in mind and be conscious that issues may arise because you are pushing against the envelope or boundries of your Mind Model.

    You see, the subconscious will present to you the issue that is contrary… oh, and you know what? There is evidence that there is a conflict as you indicated by your frustration…mild as it might be… so, when the subconscious presents the “counter intention” to you, there are two choices that you can make:

    1. Live with it… just give in to the subconscious and let it guide you… which means more of the same in your life.

    2. Change it… heal it… shift your Mind Model and your perception. Ah, then the possibilities are endless.

    So, two things here for you…

    * Take that frustration feelings and allow the images, memories, events, videos, thoughts, imagined events to come about and tell you the cause of the feelings and you can begin to Click Track them away.

    * While you are doing the Click Track, make the conscious choice to focus on the feeling and memory rather than trying to get the instructions, tapping and wording perfect. Yes, your mind may wander to other things, but try… try as hard as you can to hold onto the feeling and the memory.

    Oh, an remember, if the Click Track is not easy, then it's doing it's job… when it becomes a breeze, you need to change tracks or use the “stretch” as described in the Level 1 Therapist Tutorial.

    Take care… aloha!