Reply To: Unconditional love of self

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Dixie,

    Ah, here's your chance to run the PSTEC Positive (PP)… at least you can approach things from this angle.

    I know, I know; we say clear the emotions first with the Click Tracks (CT), EEF's or Accelerator Tapping Track (ATT) first, then bring in the PP. But, there is another use of PP and this might just be the place.

    You see, funny thing, when you make rules or even just guidelines in life and think, 'Hey, got it figured out'… something comes along to “break” the rule. This is one of those.

    We can use the PP to help expose the issues… the memories and the feelings.

    So, when you use PP in this way, one of two things happens:
    1. It “lands” well in your subconscious (sub) and you find it growing in Truth for you.
    2. The junk in the way of it becomes exposed because you are drilling this deep into the sub with PP and if it is contrary to your Mind Model, the sub will present to your conscious mind the junk that is in the way.

    So, put together a positive statement following the instructions from Tim and give the PP a whirl to see what happens.

    If junk does come up, assess the memories/imagined events and the emotions/feelings and then use the CT, EEF or ATT.

    Oh, if you want to turbo charge the PP, use the ATT with that as well…. be sure to follow a session with the Accelerator Relaxation Track.