Reply To: Weight Loss and PSTEC

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Sam,

    There have been people that have used PSTEC for weight loss, yes, both specifically and as a bonus benefit to doing general targeting of emotions.

    There is a recording of an interview with Wil on the website…

    I have since done a follow up with Wil and Part 2 will come out soon (***now available***) for everyone where Wil talks about losing 30-40 pounds without even targeting it… it just starting dropping. He had addressed the emotional issues that motivated his behavior to hold onto the extra weight. There was no reason any longer for his body to remain at that weight.

    Now, you can also target it specifically and toward the end of the month Tim will be releasing a new program that describes how to target weight loss specifically… stay tuned and watch your email inbox! :- )
    (*** Update: this package has been released… you can find PSTEC Weight Loss “Power Upgrade” Audio Package )

    Rather than go over it here, I will wait until Tim releases the program.

    For now, Sam, continue doing the work you are doing for two reasons:

    • If you are hitting on the issues, give your body time to begin following the shift in your mind…. be patient and persistent.
    • Even if you are not hitting on the weight issue per se, you are preparing your mind for that time when will be targeting it and it will only make that specific PSTEC work even more effective, smooth and rapid.
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