Reply To: Is it ok to cry while doing PSTEC?

Jeff Harding

    hi Cynthia,

    I do at least a session a day (four rounds of the click tracks back to back) along with other energy techniques and I am finding my issues are losing their weight little by little. PSTEC is truly a gift, like you stated above and I have already had the pleasure of corresponding with Jeff as he answered a question for me earlier in a very light upbeat way and very prompt might I add. the BDD symptoms seem to be the most “sticky.” I'll keep working with them though and the rest that I mentioned. I suppose I'll talk to Jeff like you suggested as well. after all, if I recall, there is a “ask Jeff” section.

    I slept so much the day after I did about 2 sessions of PSTEC yesterday (which included loads of the crying I was talking about). it was kinda nice. I felt lighter after I woke up, even after not having the most pleasant dreams.

    clicking my way to freedom.. oh how I do love the sound of that!

    thanks for responding so quickly and making me feel right at home :)