Reply To: Is it ok to cry while doing PSTEC?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Sha!

    A quick note here… oh, first of all; Mahalo to Cynthia for helping out here; right on, my girl!!! … I second all she said.

    Second of all, I am not making light of your feelings and emotions and I realize there can be pain and suffering, so my heart and compassion do go out to you and others that are working toward transcending issues like this … and there's the reason we here … to help guide you along this path to freedom… yep, I like that … clicking your way to freedom!

    Ok, here we go…

    … do the best you can to consider the possibility that crying is neither a good thing or a bad thing necessarily… same thing with emotions and feelings.  These “things” are feedback… they are communication to let you know there is something amiss or something touching, like when we cry out of joy or relief.

    It's our definitions or our mind model that tells us if it is good (something to be attached to) or bad (something to avoid).

    If the desire at hand is to realize as much freedom as is possible… to transcend the perceived limitations and realize unlimited possibilities.. or, in other words, to “Allow  Radical Idealism to Become Practical Realism”… then moving toward “less definitions” and more freedom of perception is the quickest path to making that manifest here.

    Our difficulty is in letting go of our previous definitions or the mind model that we built… or our subconscious (sub) built.

    So, be patient… when the crying comes, let it come, let it go.  Observe and ask the Cause and the sub will reveal it to you, sometimes piece by piece, and then use your Click Tracks (CT) on them.  As you run the CT and emotions are high, that is the best time to run them because you are “tuned in.”

    So, one of my Bethisms (the immortal words of my girl Beth) … “Good Job!!!”

    Aloha nui loa!