Reply To: Procrastination

Jeff Harding

    I hope this is OK to do,  I can't see any reason it wouldn't be, and it appears that you (Dixie) are fairly committed to Pstec (seriously your passion and perseverance are awesome.)  Re procrastination I urge you to take a look at with Havi Brooks. I am EFT certified and blown away by Tim and Jeff and co. and the Pstec revolution.  The reference is in the hope that you may find some gems that support your journey. You never have to purchase anything and if nothing else she is very funny. Best of luck,  you are an inspiration.  I think I will write that again,  you are an inspiration, so please, in the words of  Jeff Harding, “keep clickin'! ” and all the best as you continue your journey. 
    Just a man with some thoughts,