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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

      Hi Dixie,

      Quite alright… that's what this area if for… to help you and others too. So, I appreciate you posting here.

      Ok, take each one of your statements…
      1. I am afraid of my own power.
      2. I will win and then lose whatever I gain.
      3. I will be found out in the end to be a fraud.

      Take these questions… difficult via email like this without immediate feedback, but do the best you can… and apply them to each of the 3 issues above. Let's start with #1 above…
      * When was the last time you were afraid of your power? This would be a specific time and place that you felt afraid of this.
      * If you can't think of a recent one or one in the past at all, is there a fear of your power in the future? (You see, it does not matter if it is in the past or future (aka memory vs. imagined event); as long as your mind has a representation of the fear)
      * Why were you or are you afraid at that time? What could go wrong?
      * Imagine that issue going wrong… how would you feel if it went wrong? Yes, imagine it going wrong completely… an utter failure… how would you feel at that “loser” moment?
      * You say you were afraid; how do you know you were afraid?

      Take the emotions/feelings and the images in your mind and ask some further questions…
      * When did you feel like this in your life previously?
      * Did you ever fear your abilities… your strength… your skills…your power?
      * When you “flexed” your abilities and power in the past, what happened?

      Here we are attempting to discover other representations within your mind…your subconscious… that give you evidence that it is not safe.

      Make sense?

      Again, a bit difficult using this forum method, but maybe can give you some methods to find clues.

      Good job, by the way, thus far!!!!

      Keep up the good work and, yes, keep clickin'!



      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC User

        I hope this is OK to do,  I can't see any reason it wouldn't be, and it appears that you (Dixie) are fairly committed to Pstec (seriously your passion and perseverance are awesome.)  Re procrastination I urge you to take a look at with Havi Brooks. I am EFT certified and blown away by Tim and Jeff and co. and the Pstec revolution.  The reference is in the hope that you may find some gems that support your journey. You never have to purchase anything and if nothing else she is very funny. Best of luck,  you are an inspiration.  I think I will write that again,  you are an inspiration, so please, in the words of  Jeff Harding, “keep clickin'! ” and all the best as you continue your journey. 
        Just a man with some thoughts,

        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Hi Dixie… ah, I know from whence you came… or are. :- )

          Here's another interview…this one with Michael about no feelings or memories and, in reality, he comes from a place of severe depression.

          I just talked to him this week as a matter of fact and most days he is running on about a 6-7 of satisfaction in life…sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but his low is a 5-6 instead of a 1-2… and he has found more and more peace with himself. What has also happened is that his expectations and goals have changed because the previous ones were not truly “his” per se. So, as we clear the junk out of the way, we begin to allow the Truth to be revealed… our Truth.

          I know, I know… that waxes a bit philosophical, but, in Reality, I am talking about bringing the Radical Idealism into a Practical Realism here and now.

          So, do not try to “tie anything” to the issue with your conscious mind. Let your subconscious reveal the issues to you and that may not always be immediately in the beginning. Remember, you are learning a new way… a new path… and part of that is unlearning the old habits.

          Your emails and threads include quite a bit of attempted analysis and thinking. That is the Critical Factor Tim describes and some can get a bit beyond it on their own to get to some of the issues and clear them up… others can't, so they need someone to guide them.

          Ok, so what this may take for you is to have someone ask the right questions to uncover some of the issues… some of the causes. It's rather difficult to do it via email, but let me give you a few questions that might help:

          You see, on one hand you say you are afraid of success and on the other hand you say maybe the success you have is not enough. A bit of an oxymoron, but, in reality as well, perhaps it is both; which can REALLY be confusing and prevent the mind from functioning successfuly and peacefully.

          This is the self reflection that is tough and some shy away from, but is essential in uncovering the issues at hand…uncovering the cause of the state of BEing.

          Let someone help you discover what to target with your PSTEC… at least for a bit until you get the hang of things. You have to follow the bread crumbs and they are all over the place… all around you because our lives leave clues.

          Some issues are very simple, but others are a bit complex because they are layered with experiences and language we listen to all our lives.

          Here is something that might help in assessing a bit… I call this Assessment to Freedom and it will help you ask some tough questions of yourself and may just uncover some of the breadcrumbs…
          Click Here for a copy of Assessment to Freedom



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